Providing tech consultancy, we help you align your tech and business needs and develop your long-term strategy in a short time.

We advise, strategize on, and analyze digital solutions across multiple domains and markets for more than a decade, and always equip our partners with exhausting recommendations on how to align their software and business processes. Our expertise in product development leads our clients to sharp, thought-out solutions that work for their target audiences.

Technology Consulting

Whether you’re in the middle of your development process or planning to build the software, we’ll guide you through it. We help you identify business needs clearly, shape a product that meets them, compose the technology and integration stacks, and set up the development and maintenance processes.

What’s in our consultancy for your business?

As software development consultants, we strive to align your current position with your vision and business goals and turn our developments into a clear, step-by-step plan that you can implement transparently and predictably. We start with discovery workshops to gather requirements and shape your vision and end after the successful solution implementation — or stay to help you for as long as your business needs.


What do our software development consulting services include?

Solutions of expertise

Booking engines

Video steaming platform

Geo base app

Saas Platforms

CRM and ERP systems

Enterprise and Intranet solutions

High-Load applications

E-commerce solutions

Digital Transformation

We help you accelerate business processes, increase transparency, enhance management, bring additional cost-efficiency, and save team members’ time via routine automation. Our domain experts delve into your business specifics, craft a digital transformation strategy, turn it into software, and help you sharpen the processes across your organization. We not only guide you through the transformation and manage the process but help you get the most out of it.

What’s in our transformation services for your business?

We believe that digital transformation is all about making it easier for end customers to use your solution and maximizing the efficiency of your team members with automation, advanced features, and system architecture tailored to your business specifics. As your tech consulting partner for digital transformation, we embrace the process from the initial research to strategy, its implementation, and management activities.

What do our digital transformation services include?

Our digital transformation clients

As a tech consulting partner and development team, we’ve designed the architecture and created a user journey for a digital mortgage part of the SAIB, and equipped our client with a solid foundation to build, incorporate, and scale it.

Saudi Arabia's best-performing bank 2021

60+ branches all over the KSA

We’ve led the Office Christmas digital transformation to turn the 15 years old business digital-first and accelerate operations — and today, Office Christmas offers a truly outstanding user experience.

The largest UK Christmas party finder

We’ve helped Clear Minds design an investment platform that handles advisory and investment processes and combines in-person and online approaches to deliver personalised experiences.

Advising clients with assets over CHF 80M

For Startups

Most of our core clients started their cooperation with us as startups, and now they are recognized as market leaders in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the US. We’ve been there for them to analyze their ideas, support them through investment rounds, build their software solutions and develop comprehensive strategies for further product improvement. And we are here to help them scale, enter new markets, and adapt to changing domain requirements.
We provide a comprehensive set of consultancy and development services to help startups at any stage of their lifecycle. We research, advise, build strategies, and enable new businesses to build software solutions that meet their target audience’s requirements effectively.

Discovery services

Proof of Concept

Product audit

MVP development

Companies we helped as startups

We started our cooperation in 2012 to build an MVP for a digital mortgage brokerage. Across the years, we polished, improved, and updated the platform — and now Money Park is the #1 mortgage broker in the Swiss market.

CHF 3.4B an annual mortgage volume

80.000+ customers

We started working on Diviac when it was a startup and experienced several major product vision changes. In 2012 it was an idea of a logbook — and now it’s acquired by PADI Travel and turned into an advanced booking platform for divers.

Acquired by PADI Travel

#1 booking platform for scuba divers

Entered the project at the MVP stage, we’ve guided Molo Finance through finding the product/market fit and MVP development, supported them through the investment rounds, and shaped the final product. And we are still here to fuel their uncompromised growth.

The UK’s first digital mortgage lender

over £600M raised in funding

Product Discovery Phase

We strongly recommend small and enterprise businesses conducting a discovery phase to develop a clear vision of the product and shape the concept to meet specific market requirements. We engage a team of experienced business analysts, designers, project managers and product architects to establish clear expectations, mitigate risks, and avoid overbudgeting.

What’s in our product discovery phase for your business?

With the product discovery phase as a part of our IT consulting services, we help businesses prevent mistakes, introduce advanced risk management, and establish a predictable, transparent product development process. Based on the project requirements and specifics we also set our clients up for efficient development with a tailored set of deliverables.

What do you get after the discovery phase?

Companies we carried out a discovery phase for

Being in business since 1989, Boa Lingua reached us to conduct the discovery phase and enforce their digital transformation. We’ve been there for them to do research, build strategy, design product architecture, and fulfil the product development.

300+ schools around the world

96% customer satisfaction rating

As a part of our digital transformation and IT advisory services, we’ve conducted a comprehensive discovery phase to help Office Christmas build a digital product able to reinforce its market-leading position.

The largest UK Christmas party finder

We’ve built a strong foundation for the digital mortgage part of the SAIB business — designed the product architecture and user journeys, engineered the UX/UI, and provided our partners with everything they may need to build and scale their product successfully.

Saudi Arabia's best-performing bank 2021

60+ branches all over the KSA

What our software consultancy
services are about


Comprehensive software assessment
Starting with an analysis of your software, we identify how efficiently it meets your processes and business goals. We define what exactly needs improvement — performance, security, scalability, or else. – and create an implementation strategy.


Modernization and re-engineering
From architecture design to UX/UI and new visual identities, our IT consulting company turns outdated legacy systems into modern solid solutions. We update your tech stack, optimize infrastructure expenses, refactor the code to improve performance and conduct cloud migration.


Enhanced Security
We provide not only analysis and recommendations, but also implement changes to ensure your data analytics and protection meets industry standards and complies with regulatory requirements.


Expenses Optimization
By composing technology and integration stacks tailored to your business specifics and saving your employees’ time with automation, our software development consultant company helps you reduce costs and achieve maximum efficiency.


Risk Mitigation
With our software engineering consulting services, you ensure your software reliability, scalability, and effortless change implementation in short- and long-term perspectives. We also provide comprehensive recommendations on what risks might arise and how to mitigate them.


Technology strategy
As an IT consulting agency, we help you analyze your current tech stack, build the tech strategy that aligns with your short- and long-term goals, and drive you through the transition from your current stack to the desired one.


Job Search

CareerKeeper platform to ease Job Search

CareerKeeper is a personal storytelling platform helps you prove you’re the right person for the job. Company. About Us · Resources. Product.


Resume Received


A medical platform and genetic testing laboratory for disease detection

The best way to buy insurance! … We are fully transparent in all our dealings. There are no hidden charges. At Quickinsure, we focus on catering to your


raised in investments


Y-Combinator-baked company


The E-commerce solutions to reduce time for shopping

Websites and applications that allow businesses to showcase and sell their products or services online.Systems that enable secure online transactions by processing credit card payments, digital wallets, or other forms of electronic payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your experience as a software development consulting company?

Acting as a tech partner firm, we empower our customers with our sharp tech skills and versatile knowledge of their domain and target location. We’ve helped the world’s largest platform for scuba divers, Switzerland’s leading mortgage broker, and the UK’s first truly digital mortgage lender as product developers and advisors, and have strong expertise in supporting our clients both before the development and after the launch.

How much does it cost to get a software development consultant?

Since IT consulting solutions may include multiple activities and engage professionals of different occupations, the costs also vary. We encourage you to describe your inquiry in detail and contact our sales department, so we can provide you with a rough estimate of the scope and costs before we get to a detailed discussion.

How does the collaboration work?

Our information technology consulting introduces a 4-step process of software management consulting, that includes initial data gathering and analysis, strategy development, tech solutions implementation, and optimization activities. During these stages, we cooperate with you closely and develop tailored solutions to empower your software product right away and in a long-term perspective.

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