As a technical partner, we guide global businesses through every stage of software solution development, empower their growth, and embody innovations.


Customer satisfaction

3.5 years

Our clients work with us on average


Raised by our clients in

Fortune 500

Trusted by Fortune 500 businesses

Our Mission

We aim to design complex software solutions that make it easy for businesses to operate, grow, and scale.

Our Vision

We see our client’s success as our own — and we share the commitment, sense of responsibility, and dedication to long-term business prosperity.

We are the best at

Aligning business and technology

Diving into market specifics and designing solutions that meet them efficiently, picking location- and domain-tailored integrations, and helping our customers to deal with compliance requirements — these are the things we are especially comfortable with.

Designing Python-based solutions

We are a Python monostack company, and our team was recognized by Clutch as one of the top Python developers multiple times. We build from the ground up, reengineer, modernize, and transform Python-based solutions that raise hundreds of millions in investments.

Supporting businesses on a long-term basis

With some of our core clients, we work for more than 10 years, while the average cooperation duration with our customers is 3.5 years. We empower businesses along the entire lifecycle of their products — from the initial research and planning to maintenance and scaling.

Values we’ve built Django Stars around

We measure our success by our client's success

We share a sense of responsibility and commitment

Transparency and efficiency are the cornerstones of successful cooperation

We share knowledge and experience across our combined teams

Growing talents in Django Stars, we grow with talents

Our Clients


Ankit Suwaliya
Ankit Suwaliya
Shubham Namdev
Shubham Namdev
Best in software industry.
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